Foreigners medical insurance

Travel insurance covers you against extraordinary expenses in the event that something does not go as planned when travelling.

  • We cover all risks connected with travelling, and risks connected with COVID-19 infection during the trip.

  • Arrange travel insurance online from the comfort of your home, it costs just a few crowns a day and it covers medical expenses up to the amount of 100 000 000 CZK.

  • Select from our packages according to the type of holiday and you will not forget anything.

  • You can arrange any type of supplementary insurance with the packages STANDARD and NADSTANDARD (SUPERIOUR STANDARD) that is most suitable for your type of your journey.

  • The exclusive package NADSTANDARD (SUPERIOUR STANDARD) for the most demanding travellers offers two selected supplementary insurance products FOR FREE.

  • Always arrange travel insurance even for travel around Europe. Do not rely merely on the European Medical Insurance Card (EHIC). The care provided need not always be sufficient and completely free. In most states, a deductible will, as a minimum, need to be paid for medical treatment.

  • PVZP travel insurance can be arranged to cover the whole world for all types of trips and activities.

  • PVZP travel insurance automatically includes insurance of most recreational sports, including skiing on marked trails.

Travel Insurance

You can choose from three basic options   (MINI, STANDARD, SUPERIOR).

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It is possible to take out supplementary insurance of dangerous activities and extreme sports together with any type of package.


You can add additional insurance to the STANDARD and SUPERIOUR STANDARD package according to your needs:


  • Mountain Rescue Service Intervention Insurance

  • Veterinary Care Insurance

  • Luggage Delay Insurance

  • Transport Means Delay Insurance

  • Missed Transport Means Insurance

  • Sport Insurance

  • Security Risk Insurance

  • Insurance of Rented Car Deductibles

  • Carefree Ride Assistance Services Insurance

  • Cancellation Fee Insurance

You can arrange each package in three benefit limit options, according to your needs.


  • Limit 3 – it has the lowest offered limit, its advantage is a favourable price, however we recommend this limit only for trips to the nearest countries with a very short stay.

  • Limit 10 – it has limits that we consider as standard ones that every insured person should have. It is suitable for common trips around Europe, Mediterranean countries, and the Middle East.

  • Limit 100 – this is a limit that we recommend if you want maximum security and if you travel outside Europe.

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